The Sabotaging S's of Skinny- Part 2

The foods that sabotage your health are bad enough, but we can't forget...the behaviors. Oh yeah, they are there too! Our behaviors can really hinder our health without us even knowing. They are the Sabotaging S's of Skinny- Part 2.

Sedentary lifestyle is first and foremost. 

I have always said exercise is the exponential multiplier. Activity is how you boost your metabolism, burn calories, and increase your motivation. Answer me this- Are you more likely to move after 2 hours of TV or after an evening stroll with the family? A rolling stone gathers no moss! If you continue to move and be active each and every day if will become a part of your life and you too will gather no moss. Just kidding, but you will notice a change in your behavior and how you view being sedentary. You feel bad, almost lazy and want to move whenever possible. I am not saying rest it bad. Rest is SO needed, but so is exercise. Recent studies show you should be up and moving at least ten minutes of every hour. Give it a try and see how you feel.

Serving Size is a struggle for people of all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes. The food we eat today is humongous compared to what they served 30 years ago. 
Restaurants are quite possibly the worst. You can easily go to a restaurant and order an entree that packs in 1200 calories. It could feed three people, but you and I both dominate it and take no prisoners (or leftovers). The best way to combat the serving size dilemma is to plan ahead. If you are going out to eat plan on bringing half of it home. If you wait until you order it is too late. Trust me I know. Ask for a box, cut it in half, or split with a friend, but definitely have a plan. If you eat at home, which I recommend, look at the packaging for the actual serving size. It may surprise you. Follow the serving size guidelines when preparing food and notice the dramatic difference. 

Shopping Overly Starving (SOS),
LAY OFF ME!!! I'M STARVING!!!!     SNL circa Chris Farley
I get it - we all have those days when we stop at the grocery store on our way home from work even though our stomach is already growling for dinner. However, it's proven if you go grocery shopping hungry you'll walk away with not only more food, but foods that are worse for you. Suddenly healthy decisions that you usually make will go out the window because everything sounds good when you're hungry. Use this simple tip - If you're going to the grocery store between meals, pack a light snack like a banana or almonds to fill you up so you can make smart decisions when shopping.

Are these all the behaviors that sabotage your skinny? No. Of course not. These three are important because they quickly affect your life. A sedentary life stops your biggest health proponent- physical activity. Serving size is equally important because 1 serving of cereal versus 2 servings is at least 100 calories if not a 200 calorie difference. That is not even including the milk! Finally, the shopping gets you twice. In the store and at home. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Plan and prepare to combat these and other sabotagers of skinny. 

I struggle the most with serving size...
What Sabotaging S do you struggle with most?

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