3 Exercises You Need To Add To Your Workout

Do you want more out of your workouts?

Add these exercises into your workout routine to maximize your efforts.

The Burpee ~ The Plank Twist ~ The Walking Lunge

Why are these three exercises so important?
  • Each exercise engages more than one muscle group burning more calories.
  • The exercises can be done anywhere- No equipment required!
  • They elevate your heart rate adding a cardiovascular component.
  • Your core muscles (abs, obliques, etc.) are activated during the exercises.
  • Each one improves your balance and stability.
  • They can be modified- easier or hard.

The Burpee
  1. From a standing position squat to a tuck and place your hands on the floor.
  2. Jump back with both feet so they are fully extended, your back is straight, and your hands are below your shoulders.
  3. Push off your feet and return to a tuck position.
  4. Jump into the air swinging your arms upward.
  5. Land on the balls of your feet; then repeat!
Easier- Step feet backward instead of jumping; Stand up and put your hands up instead of jumping.
Harder- Do a push-up when your legs are extended; Do a tuck jump bringing your knees to your chest.

The Plank Twist
  1. Start in up push-up position with your hands under your shoulders, back flat, and legs extended.
  2. Bring your right knee to your chest. -Do not let that foot touch the ground
  3. Twist your right knee under your body past your opposite armpit.
  4. Bring your right leg back under your body and fully extend it returning to your starting position.
  5. Repeat with your left leg.  Gotta keep it even :) 
Easier- Touch your foot to the ground when your knee is brought to your chest; Go slower.
Harder- Perform the twist faster; Add a push-up in between each rep.

Walking Lunge
  1. From a standing position step forward with your right foot.
  2. Lower your body so each leg is at 90 degrees. (Be sure not to let your front knee go in front of your toes, keep it straight up and down- My picture 4 is real close to being poor form)
  3. Step up and repeat with your left leg.
Easier- Return to standing in between steps (See picture 3); Hold on to a wall or chair as you lunge.
Harder- Carry weights in each hand as you lunge; During the lunge portion perform a bicep curl; Cut out picture 3 and go from one lunge to the other.

I hope you are able to incorporate these exercises into your workouts. If you need a workout routine look for my Exercises 4 Today (#E4T) on Twitter or my Sunday Circuits on Facebook. You know these three moves will be involved!

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Pictures by Meghan Kidwell 
Scenery by River Oaks Park

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