Where Does All The Candy Come From?

I can't ever remember buying candy from the grocery store.If you ask other people they never buy candy either. Who buys all this candy and how does it magically appear in your and my lap at our moment of weakness??? (My moment is 3:30 pm)

I think I am starting to believe my father. All growing up when technology didn't work, items disappeared, or valuables were broken we blamed Twiffy. Twiffy is a magical elf, invisible-of course, that came by from time to time and reeked havoc on our house.

He must also be bringing all this candy and conveniently, NO, inconveniently leaving it for us to eat.

Just because I can't remember buying candy from the grocery store doesn't mean it didn't happen. I know that around Halloween we did for sure, but that white bucket on the top shelf of the pantry didn't stay full all year from the plunders of one night. 

Well, some of the forgotten candies may have made it a year or ten before being tossed in the trash. 

We need to be honest with ourselves about our behaviors. Acknowledging our behaviors is the first step in changing them. I admit I have perused the candy aisle and made a purchase. If you desire to live healthier tell yourself NO MORE CANDY AISLE. Don't even walk down it. Like we were was taught in D.A.R.E.... Just say NO!

Don't be someone else Twiffy!

We had a lady at work, a close friend of mine, from whom I know I will take flack for this. She bought candy and stocked a bowl at work each week. She knew everybody's favorites. I even had a secret drawer. That's right everyone a secret realm of Reese's ALL FOR ME.

I would walk by after lunch and take one...almost every day. Two on those "days I needed it!" She would spend between $300-$500 on candy every year. Two years ago I gave away my drawer. 

Next, I told her to stop buying candy. She did! 

She still doesn't!

Don't be someones Twiffy. At that moment of weakness when we want candy we don't need a gift from Twiffy. We need to take a deep breathe, move on, and eat that snack we packed the night before.

Candy, like many other unhealthy appe-teasers will always be around. Create a game plan for yourself. Pack a snack. Identify your moment of weakness. Tell Twiffy- NO! The Twiffster will stop coming around after awhile if you are intentional about what you eat.

What strategies do you use when fighting your Twiffys?

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