Fa la la la la la freezing cold!

Over the river and through the woods from my in-laws house I....ran. 

Obviously not in the snow. It was too cold to hold a camera. :)

Yes, after the delicious and disastrous amount of food I consumed yesterday I felt quite inspired to run. The food hangover combined with the guilt of my sister-in-law, 3 weeks removed from hernia surgery, saying she was going running was enough to urge me out the door.

Out the door and in to the cold, frozen tundra of Mid-Michigan. The iPhone reported the temperature at 30 degrees. The howling wind from the North dropped the temperature to a winter-y 20 or 25 degrees. 

Unbeknownst to me my 4 year hiatus from a sub-freezing foot dash through the snow thinned out my blood considerably. Even now as I type I can feel the blood flow return to my lower extremities. My Texas compadres will be happy to know I am not impervious to the cold, just to the "Texas cold."

I have to say despite the cold, harsh sting of the frozen air in my lungs; my body, my energy level, and belly are thankful for the quick jog through the neighborhood and around the golf course. 

I know I am not finished enjoying my holiday festivities, but as my travels take me further north (Minnesota) I may need to find an alternative exercise to frolicking in the freezing cold.

Merry Christmas!

Have a Healthy, Happy New Year!

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