In the Minne

Hey There! Don't ya know that Minnesota always ranks as one of the healthiest states and Minneapolis consistently tops the most active cities in America. How? What makes the Great White North of Minnesota so special?

I woke up to something special this morning. 3 DEGREE temperatures in Eden Prairie, MN. The amazing part about this event is that there was a man outside; covered head-to-toe in running gear jogging across the frozen lake upon which I gazed. I was amazed at his frozen feat. And how his frozen feet did not slip and slide across the ice. How do these Minnesotans find the determination to remain so active in the face of a bitterly cold adversary?

Maybe it is something in the water. The mighty Mississippi could grant them mystical powers. I believe my cousin, Zak, has been blessed with these powers. He is quite possibly the most disciplined person I know. While all were indulging in the Christmas feasts (Yes, plural); he continued to eat his egg whites, sautéed veggies, lean meat, and protein shakes. LOTS of protein shakes! I contemplated sipping on his protein shake to see if it would bestow the same effect as "Michael's Secret Stuff" from the still culturally relevant Space Jam. (I saw it trending on Twitter the other day) It turned out to be just a protein shake.

Maybe it is a deep seeded determination from their Viking heritage. (The most logical reason they have a football team named the "Minnesota Vikings"). A conquest driven heritage must lead them to overcome the 9-month frozen tundra and persevere toward healthy and happiness. This idea was thwarted when everyone I spoke with so nice, polite, and considerate I decided they were not the conquering type.

That left me reeling. I thought for sure it was something magical then I finally realized. It is important to them. They know the benefits of living healthy. Their cities and state put an emphasis on health by creating extensive walk/bike trails and by supporting athletics and outdoor activities. They grow up being active indoors and out. It is simply their lifestyle. I hope to incorporate more of the healthy Minnesota lifestyle into my own- just in a more temperate climate!

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