4 guys, 1 jog, and an appetite conversation

Do you think guys talk about appetite, metabolism, and weight like girls do?

Oh no... Of course not... Guys just don't care... They are too stubborn/proud for a diet.


We (men, including me) are just as bad as the ladies. And...that is a good thing.

Just last week at boot camp I was jogging with 3 other men ranging in age from 26-45 years young. The topic of conversation. Food. Not BBQ or Pizza and beer but how our appetites have increased as boot camp progresses.

I shared with them that is because of their lean muscle mass and how it works like a furnace. A hotter furnace burns through coal faster like a leaner, more fit body needs more food for energy.

We talked about snacking, time of day that is best to eat, and that a daily calorie deficit means you lose weight.

We have other signs and languages that females may not be up on yet.

I feel fat in these pants said by a women translates 100% into a guy unbuttoning his pants while sitting on the couch.

I'm bloated's translation is a guy wearing gym shorts and a hoodie and either 1. Passing gas or 2. Saying "Ugh" A LOT!

I need to go on a diet translates to us asking for some "new meals", packing our own lunches, trying some diet/lite product, or just not eating.

So, as you can see, we guys have a lot to learn but we do think about it, talk about it, and try it. We need and want to be healthy just as much. We just express very different. Usually with short words and "body language".

"Body language" is code for burping and farting.

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