Finding Balance for a Healthy Life

Is your shower bipolar?

Photo courtesy of taken by Alchem
My shower is suffering from a severe case of bipolar disorder. One minute the temperature coming out of the nozzle is hot. The next minute it makes quite the peculiar sound and WHAM ice cold water in your face. 

That is inconvenient, but can be predicted. It is worse when it magically turns off all the cold water and decides to spew a steady stream of boiling water at you. I have screamed this week...more than once.

Our health ambitions work the very same way. January 1 rolls around and we are as hot as that frustrating faucet in the shower. The problem is it doesn't last. Just as quickly as we became hot for health we turn cold and fall back in to our unhealthy habits.

I do have some good N.E.W.S. for you though. I heard it in a training today by Jean Blaydes. I don't know if she coined it or used it from somewhere else. The good N.E.W.S. is that is only takes 4 things for our bodies to be balanced.


Personally, when I look at it like that it makes it seems much more manageable. There are only four. They feed off and give each other strength as well. 

The more hydrated you are the less hungry you feel. The more sleep you get the more likely you are to rise and exercise. The more you exercise the thirstier you become and the more tired you feel at night. The earlier you go to bed the less late night snacks you eat while watching T.V., and so on.

I hope, unlike my shower, you find balance in your health. Not hot and cold, but a sustainable, steady life of great N.E.W.S.

Does following only 4 principles for a healthy life make it more manageable?

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