Why to Live By the Saying- Carpe diem

2013 is the year for you and I to seize every opportunity!

What did I resolve to do? 

What are you going to resolve to do?

Meg and I made a...resolution to be more social, active, and all around exciting during the week. We were stuck being weekend warriors and weekday whiners. 

Don't you hate those nights you get home and are indecisive about dinner, unmotivated to exercise, or reject social plans for fear of being out too late? Those nights usually plant us grumpily in front of the T.V. for far too long.

In the spirit of 'Yes, man' Jim Carrey's semi-hilarious comedy about always saying yes. We are branching out and refusing to sit around for hours on end, contemplating the day ahead, and regretting doing nothing with the day God gave us today.

This morning we rolled out of bed and into our work out clothes, we've recently played cards with friends, and went out on a Wednesday. Woo-hoo... We are crazy! 

Euchre- For those not from the Midwest look it up. It's awesome!
These activities make each day more enjoyable. When planned ahead it gives us something to look forward to, and being decisive about the opportunities with which we are presented keeps us for wasting time.

"Indecision is the thief of opportunity." Whether it be exercise, eating healthy, or just being more social during the week- seize the day.

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