Everybody's Working For the Weekend!!

Do you work for the weekend?

Do you eat healthy and exercise all week so you can enjoy the "weak"end?

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Personally, I am much more focused during the week. I have a strict schedule. My meals are either planned or already prepared. Exercise and activity are not only scheduled with a fitness class but they are part of my job.

The "weak"end is another story. I enjoy sleeping in on Saturday and taking a break from exercise. Social activities usually lead to higher calorie consumption because of eating out instead of preparing food. And... 

The worst is if we have a lazy weekend the temptation to just sit and eat in front of the T.V. or casually peruse the fridge whenever I go into the kitchen is always there. Boredom leads to binging.

So, is it all bad to relax a little on the weekend?

Nope. It can be good. My keywords where 'relax a little'. I am not saying every meal all weekend is to be looked at like our last meal, but rather to have one or two meals that are our "comfort" or "cheat" meals if you will. Don't indulge so much that you wreck all your hard work. You should be recharged, rest, and reenergized for the week ahead.

Moderation and balance are always used when talking about staying healthy. A good percentage is 80-20. 80% of the foods and activities you engage in should be healthy and positive. The 20% is your "blow" money. You can spend it all, but you only get that much.

So whether you choose to live each day by the 80-20 principle or if you save your 20 for the weekend keeping that balance won't make it a "weak"end.

What strategy do you use for staying healthy on the weekend?

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