What Foods Keep You Dreaming All Night Long

Do you ever dream about food?

How about garbanzo beans?

Well, my nephew Max, 2, opened my eyes to them last week. Max was gnawing on plain g-beans; and LOVING them. His last words before bed, "Mommy, banzo beans?" Funny enough that a two year wants garbanzo beans that badly, but it doesn't end there. He proceeded to wake up twice at 2am and 5am asking for garbanzo beans. Finally, he was comforted by the promise of eating them for breakfast.

Inspired by Max's obsession with garbanzo beans I figured it was time I tried them for myself. Hummus, made from garbanzo beans, is nothing new to me, but eating plain beans was another story.

I decided to go all out. I bought a bag of plain beans. I tore open the bag ready to eat. Then I saw how tedious preparing raw beans was going to be. Oh well, Max loved them, it must be worth it. First, soak the beans. Second, rinse the beans. Third, simmer for 2 HOURS!! Whoa, they better be amazingly delicious.

They were so-so. Bummer. I tried the beans from a can. Their flavor killed my homemade abomination. So I would recommend the plain, unsalted can-o-beans over the homemade version. G-beans are definitely a plus in your diet. Full of fiber, protein, and rolling in at just under 100 calories per 1/4 cup makes them a great snack, side, or dreamy desire.

Let me know what you think and how you eat them. I look forward for more options then room-temperature out of a can.

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