How Long Does It Take To Make A Healthy Habit

What can you do for 23 days?

Can you plan for an entire month and build a healthy habit?

23 days is how long it takes to change an activity from a "chore" to a habit.

The first 23 days are hard!! You have to constantly plan, remind, and sometimes force yourself to do the task. It may be running, cutting out ice cream, or journaling. (My current frustration on the way to a habit...day 4)

I heard Michael Hyatt say on his podcast that people are willing to sacrifice if the reward is worth it to THEM.

So take a moment and think, no dream, of your life after you successfully build your new healthy habit. Picture how amazing you will feel, how accomplished you are, and how now all those tough days were worth it.

I don't know what habit you plan to implement in your life but begin today. In LESS THAN ONE MONTH you could change the rest of your months for the rest of your life.

Don't delay, start today!

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