Doctor's Orders

Have you ever gone to the doctor and been prescribed some ridiculous regiment to aid in your  illness?

This past week left me sick and suffering. Burning the candle at both ends finally caught up with me and handed me a crazy sinus infection/ear infection/ sore throat. The outcome was me missing work for a few days and ultimately losing my voice when I did return to work. 

** Side note** If you whisper other people have a tendency to whisper as well.

This illness landed me in the doctor's office. It was quite the interrogation from the doctor. I was questioned about drinking, smoking, exercise, allergies, and caffeine. The doc's response to caffeine befuddled me. 

Doctor: Do you drink caffeine?

Me: Yes, coffee.

Doctor: How much? (Concerned look on face)

Me: One travel mug a day. About 16-20 ounces. I usually drink half in the morning and half after lunch.

Doctor: So 20 ounces? (With judging eyes about my caffeine consumption)

Me: Yes

Doctor: Any energy drinks? The amount of caffeine in those drinks can be dangerously high. Like 200 mg in one can.

Me: No, never. I don't drink soda, energy drinks, or get caffeine anywhere except my coffee.

Doctor: That's good. I don't drink them either. Sometimes in the afternoon or when going off little sleep I will have one energy drink...

...Insert my look of disgust and confusion...

Doctor: ...(now backpedaling)...I only have this one brand that only has........

I'm sorry, I stopped listening because the doc's tone and body language just chastised me for drinking black coffee and then they proceeded to tell me about how they are not disciplined enough to go without an energy drink because of reasons I no longer care to hear.

It gets better.

The diagnosis for me was an antibiotic. A Z-pak. Nothing new there for those that commonly suffer from sinus infections. The doctor continued to prescribe Mucinex-D, Claritin, Delsom, and Aleve to treat any and all symptoms I had. I asked if I take them all at the same time? She said yes. So count it up. 5 meds. 

She already lost her credibility and now you are asking me to do something I really don't like to do. Take medicine. Lots of medicine. I asked which one was best for me. She said what is the worst symptom? Sinus pressure and congestion. Then the Mucinex-D and Claritin. Apparently one, meant two. 

So, I left with a Z-pak and some Mucinex-D and treated my sore throat with Rooibos tea and honey. I rested, refrained from exercise, and drank my weight in water. I am here today to say, I made it! 

Whether it be a doctor, a dietitian, a trainer, a tax-consultant, or respected elder if they are not firm in there convictions or provide you with a plan that just ..."feels"... off, seek another opinion. The Bible says, "Where there is no guidance, the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory." Proverbs 11:14.

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