Grandma and Grandpa Got Health

Think of your grandparents...Were they healthy?

These stories amaze and inspire me. I hope they do the same for you.

My grandfather, Arthur Bathje, died when I was in 7th grade. I found out years later that he was more of a fitness fiend than I knew. Grandpa ran 3 miles every day. I never would have guessed. By the time I woke up he was sitting on the porch and drinking coffee. He knew the importance of fitness and starting his day with a workout.

My grandma, Irma Kidwell, and my grandma, Carol Wardin, (My wife's grandma) both worked on the farm. They either grew up on the farm or married a farmer. This means they picked, hoed, stacked, and milked with rest of the family. They still prepare meals from scratch and they never stop moving. Both of these women are over 80 and continue to be more active than most young adults each and every day of their lives.

Karl Mueller, my wife Meghan's grandpa, was a portrait of health and fitness. He boxed in the Navy, was a professional golfer, and golfed (better than me) well into his 80's. I recently heard a story about how boys were scared to come and date the Mueller girls because they feared Karl's strength. The strength of legend. He once flipped a Coke machine end over end because it was broken and he'd had enough. All I know is that is amazing and when I met him, in his 70's, his handshake still put a hurtin' on me.

Less brute strength, but equally as effective is my grandma, Shirley Bathje. She is beautiful and much more youthful than her age would suggest. She is a walker. She walks the mall. The beach. The block. Whatever. Last summer at 75 years old she spent two weeks in Europe walking all the major cities. She is determined to keep going and has the stamina to do so.

The qualities that make grandma and grandpa so healthy-

  • Active lifestyles outside and away from the T.V.
  • Food made from scratch
  • Hobbies that involve health
  • Vacations where they did something (fishing, swimming, camping, walking, etc.)
  • Proper portions of food
They don't do fad diets or insane training programs. They live(d) healthy by living each day engaging in the small, mundane, and simple activities that provided AMAZING results over time.

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