Moves: The New Fitness App in Apple's 10 Apps That Wow

Looking for an app that works like a pedometer?

I just found a new fitness app on Apple's 10 Essential Apps That Wow. It's called 'Moves'.

Let's check out what it does!

Moves tracks your steps and distance walked. 

The app will track your daily activity for walking, running, and/or cycling. It basically works like a pedometer with a really cool map router. (Think MapMyRun.) 

Moves also features a 'Storyline' that puts your day(s) locations and travel into a cool timeline. The Storyline is what sets it apart from other apps I have used. Very cool.

Let's look at how to set up the Moves app:

1. After downloading from iTunes you must allow Moves to use your current location.

2. It will ask you if want to be notified when you achieve a personal best. You just have to click 'Yes'. There was no 'Of Course' button available.

3. By tapping the green button you can cycle between steps, minutes, and miles.

4. Tap the share button (arrow) at the bottom to share your data. You can share a summary bubble or a bubble and Storyline.

You are able to share to Twitter, Facebook, E-mail, or Camera Roll

5. Your steps and Storyline are prominently displayed whenever you open the app.

6. The story line has cool features like transport. (I was driving)... And it calculates time walked.

Of course, there is good and bad to every app.

What I liked-

  • You did not have to register or sign-in to begin using the Moves app
  • It was quite reliable in steps counted and locations I traveled too.
  • It back logs your data and can be viewed by days or weeks
  • It is simple to start and simple to use
What I did not like-

  • It is continuously monitoring your location. So, your location arrow is always on
  • The battery did not seem to drain slightly quicker, not much, but slightly
  • There was no calories burned estimate anywhere that I could find
Overall, I have to say it is quite the handy app if you are looking for a cool pedometer. Definitely can save you mucho dinero instead of buying one at the store. It does not do as much as some of the other fitness apps, but who says it needs too. 

If you are looking to increase your steps, struggling with meeting your activity goals, or just want a little day to day competition with yourself I definitely recommend Moves for you. Even if you don't download the app we should all remember to honor the apps name and...Move.

Help others discover more fitness apps by sharing ones you use

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