4 Steps For Spring Cleaning Your Health

Dusty. Dirty. Don't Remember Them.

Does this describe your health and fitness goals?

We do so well in January starting new resolutions. The problem is by now they are as unused  and forgotten as that one wedding gift from Aunt Petunia that just meant so much to her. Really?!?!

Just like we do with our house we need to spring clean our health and fitness. We get stagnant and forget what motivated us in the first place. Here are 4 steps for spring cleaning your health.

1. Clear out the Cobwebs

Cobwebs are the foods that look bad sitting there and are nothing but a trap. In my pantry these are items like chocolates others gift to us, soda you keep around "for company", or that treat that you just NEED on a tough day. It's time to trash them before they entangle you in their web.

2. Purge the Processed- 

When we moved last October we donated 6 carloads to Goodwill. I don't share that to impress, I share that because sometimes purging items is necessary to make room for the new; the good. Processed foods like soda, chips, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and just about anything that can only be eaten after a visit to the microwave needs to go. If they are around you WILL eat them. In addition, you won't have room to stock up on vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, eggs, fresh fish, and foods with LESS THAN 3-5 ingredients are usually safe. Out with the old and in with the new makes for a fresh start.

3. Party Prep- 

We just had a party at our house. It was a blast. There sure were a lot of preparations though. We had to organize, rearrange, decorate, and beautify! How does you exercise equipment look? Can you find it? If you are going to stick with it; it needs to be visible. Pull it out from under the bed and place it where you are going to use it. Hang the clothes back in the closet and free up the treadmill. Organize your equipment so it is ready to  use. One less excuse to skip a workout. ...And yes I hope your workout is a party. It should be fun so you keep going like those parties you look forward to every year. 

4. Schedule Yourself- 

After a HUGE clean like spring cleaning I am always invigorated to keep it clean. "Let's clean every Saturday!" "Let's do a little bit every day so it is always clean" Do either of those sound familiar? ... Uh-huh I've been there. Sounds about the same with workouts unless it is scheduled. So sign up for a class or make a calendar and stick it on the fridge. When you get busy you know if it is not scheduled it won't happen. So write it down and schedule yourself some exercise.

"For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under Heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1. If you find your health and fitness has stagnated then spring is the time to clean it up and get back on track.

What are you doing to spring clean your health?
I would love it if posted a comment and shared with us.

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