Tips For Staying Healthy In A Busy Life

Do you ever have a week where you are fighting to stay above water?

This week is one of those weeks for Meghan and me. (Thus the limited blogging.) Morning boot camps, extended work hours, and evening activities made this a whirlwind week. It seems like these weeks happen more often than not these days. They can't be an excuse to skimp on your health. Your health and fitness actually energizes you through the turmoil.

When you are busy the temptations roll in. Sleep in. Skip the exercise. Drive-thru on the way to work. Drive-thru on the way home from work. Vending machines. A night cap. And the list goes on... Set yourself up for success by practices these healthy tips for a busy life.

Pack the night before. My fridge is PACKED full of containers. Yogurts, sandwiches, veggies, and fruits. It is so much easier to grab and go in the morning. Preparing all that food in the midst of the chaos is ridiculous. What if you can't pack food every day? I pack enough carrots, celery, and almonds on Sunday night to last me the week. When you pack the night before you pre-plan your calories. You save time and frustration in the morning. 

Schedule your workout. First, I would recommend you workout in the morning. Working out in the morning gives you more focus and energy for the rest of your day. When you feel short on time it is hard to fit in a workout, even if it is first thing. So, schedule it. Make a calendar. Set an alarm on your phone. Have a friend call you to keep you accountable. Sign up for a class. Skip your "guilty pleasure" show (mine is Hawaii 5-0..dangit I said it) and go to sleep earlier. The morning workout kick-starts your metabolism and mood for the rest of the day.

 If you are ready this chances are you are busy. I leave you with 2 powerful tips. Try them in your life. See if there is a difference in your mood. See how 2 little things can greatly impact your health!

What "health under pressure" tips do you have for people with a busy life?

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