Healthy Texas Week- Fitness Friday

Fitness is a state in which you live.

The State of Texas Fitness Flag
Your state of fitness is earned through exercise and proper nutrition. Here are 3 steps that will help you improve your current state of fitness. 

Count your calories. If you out spend your income, you go into debt. If you eat more than your body needs, you gain weight. 5 minutes of simple math can change your life. If you need help learning how to count calories check out my blog post on counting calories. I great app to help aid in counting calories is MyFitnessPal

Move. Are you working on your sit-ness or your fitness? If you work at a desk use half of your lunch to walk. Join an exercise class. Take the dog for a walk. Engage in exercise during commercials on T.V. Ride your bike. Use your body to produce motion and you will feel better, sleep better, and find a higher level of fitness. Need more ideas? Check out Healthy Texas Week- Move It Monday

Purge the Processed. Dump it in the trash. Momma always said, "It looks better in the trash than it does on you." She was usual. Instead, purchase produce (fruits & vegetables), buy lean meats from the fish, meat, or deli counters. Shop for food that is not processed or minimally processed. Less than 5 ingredients. If it contains an ingredient you can't read or isn't real it isn't worth buying. Pretty much avoid everything in the middle of the grocery store. Stick to the outside. Try living processed food free for 2 weeks and witness the change in your health and fitness.

It has been my pleasure to blog through Healthy Texas Week. If you want more information on It's Time Texas or ACTIVELife check out their websites. (I linked to them.) I hope you enjoyed Healthy Texas Week as much as I did. But don't stop here. Let Healthy Texas Week be the first week on your journey to Finding Fit for the rest of your life. 

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