Haters All Up On Your Health

On the path to something great, people gonna hate. Don't exacerbate, just listen and appreciate.

Appreciate the fact that you have something they want. You have the desire, discipline, and drive to change your life. Jon Acuff says, "The minute you dare to stand up and not accept average as your fate, you're going to get some hate." 

The hate is gonna come. That's a fact. You need a plan. 'Cause sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will really hurt you.

How to handle haters:

Don't exacerbate. That makes it worse. Responding to the phrase "You're never going to be able to do that" just isn't worth it. It won't change their mind. They are projecting on you. They are scared they can't do it. Do the only thing you can. Prove them dead wrong! Then go back and help them on their own journey.

Don't retaliate. When someone says to me, "I just don't get how you can eat so many raw vegetables." I never respond with, "I just don't get how you can eat so much processed crap that you have to microwave." Nobody wins. Even though our first instinct is eye for an eye; it is never effective. Try responses like:

"Yeah, I didn't used to, but I started and now I really like them."

"I read on this FANTASTIC website,, that eating raw produce was healthy."

"I figure God already cooked them the perfect amount of time."

Okay, don't use the last one. You will come off as pious or snarky. Truly though, didn't he?

Just appreciate. Harder done than said. Look at it this way. If people comment, they notice. A change in your appearance. Behavior. Attitude. You name it. Graciously thank them for noticing. (i.e.- Yeah, I'm really doing my best to be healthy) and leave it at that. **Side note- If this happens in a group someone will ALWAYS interject to dial down the awkwardness.**

On the road to something great, haters gonna hate.
Don't let them determine your fate.
Focus on the goal; you'll do great!

What "haters" have you encountered while living fit?


  1. I really like this post. Whenever I start losing I here people say your were fine the way you were or skinny doesn't look good on you (as if obesity was is a fashion trend). To them I say "don't hate, congratulate". Don't let negative people ruin your progress.

  2. I love your attitude! Don't let them ruin your progress. Don't let them stop your start.

    It sounds like your haters are trying to be polite or sugar coating the truth to not hurt feelings, but obviously it still hurts just in a different way.

    Keep rollin' on your weight loss journey. You know I am here to help with whatever you need, especially to exacerbate your haters for you. :)