Support Systems Will Save Your Health

One is the loneliest number. 

Thanks Three Dog Night for a reason to never go it alone. 

Living a healthy life is tough. The distractions are packaged so pretty and they know how to hit where it hurts.

Who can 'deny' themselves all the time? Will power, like a muscle will get stronger... But like a muscle it will also give you out if you over work it. You need a spotter. A supporter. 

Meghan was my supporter in a moment of weakness. A 'buddy' if you will. It was just before lunch and I was starving. I asked for a Dr. Pepper. She straight up said, "NO!" She then reminded me. "You will still be hungry. You always feel funny and get cranky if you have soda. Just eat lunch."
**DING** Food is ready. A delicious turkey wrap. Craving curbed and disaster averted. 

P.S. The Dr. Pepper is long gone. It was eaten by Oscar the Grouch during our spring cleaning.

Here are 2 types of supports that will save your health:

The Crutch: When starting your health journey you need someone to lean on. To ask advice. To hold you up when you're not strong enough to do it yourself. To support you while you learn. This can be a trainer, nutritionist, or friend that knows what their doing. The stigma of a crutch a sign of weakness or being negatively enabled by someone is preposterous. A crutch is not always bad. When you're injured you need a crutch to allow your injured part to rest and heal. When beginning you need a crutch because you can't always stand on your own.

The crutch is temporary. Eventually, you need someone to walk with side-by-side.

The Buddy System:

I had a buddy when I battled my soda craving. A buddy must tell you, "NO!" Your buddy can't be the friend that says, "Go ahead, you've worked hard, you deserve it." We are told that enough. The buddy system is most effective when both people involved are working toward goals and can support one another. Two friends, husband and wife, coworkers. Two people that can keep each other accountable. Praise and admonish. Cheer and chastise. Motivate and deter.

Whether you preach and teach health for a living or are fighting to lose weight we all need support. Find someone that can be your coach, your cheerleader.  A crutch when you need support. A buddy you can always count on.

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