Healthy Texas Week- Thirsty Thursday

I argue that if you live in Houston that 50% air can still hydrate you. Seriously, 100% humidity! 

Someone please find out to see if humidity can in fact permeate the skin and re-hydrate you...  My glass if half empty on that possibility.

Hydration is vitally important for a healthy life. We, as a culture, tend to be dehydrated. While we drink TONS of beverages, many of them do not adequately hydrate us. Water is the simplest, lowest calorie form of hydration...period. 

Signs you are dehydrated:

Hunger. Just finished a meal. Still starving. Or...middle of the afternoon and your mouth is watering uncontrollably. You reach for something sweet or salty. Do either of these ever happen to you? You may be dehydrated. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger. Our mouth waters. We get cravings. We must be hungry. Try drinking an entire glass (or two) of water and waiting 5-10 minutes to see if you hunger subsides.

Headaches. Our bodies are made up of about 57% water. That's over half for those who are still contemplating the full glass above. Picture this- Your body is like a car. A car needs oil to run properly or it grinds to a halt. Your body needs water to keep your bodies parts functioning as well. A car low on oil grinds, slows, and burns. Imagine your headache. Does it burn? I know when I am dehydrated I can feel the grind in my temples. So, keep a glass or bottle of water with you. Drink small amounts constantly throughout the day to avoid the dehydration headache.

Tired. Teaching Physical Education means I am quite active. I basically run 10 exercise class a day. The days I forgot to drink water. I am a slug. I get cranky. Tired. Worst of all, I lose my enthusiasm. I carry a water bottle with me. Always. Usually in my back pocket. Yes, it looks funny. A good friend of mine once told me that when he is hydrated he feels more awake than when he drinks coffee. I believe him. That days I am hydrated, and well nourished, are the days I have to most energy.

The most interesting man in the world says, "Stay thirsty my friends!" For your benefit I say, "Stay healthy and hydrated mis amigos!"

This week I will post every day in honor of Healthy Texas Week. Each day will have a new health and fitness theme. Healthy Texas Week is an initiative by It's Time Texas for which I am a Health Ambassador. They are doing amazing things promoting health and fitness in Texas and especially Texas schools. So get up, get active, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Have them swing by Move It Monday if they need some ideas. In closing- 

 Move more, Eat better, Live well, and Find Fit!

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