Lose 25 Pounds in 5 Minutes!!

Do you want to lose 15-25 pounds as fast as you can?

I know the absolute fastest way to lose weight...period!

Cut off your leg!


If your only goal is to lose weight the quickest way to do that is to remove part of your body. Obviously this is not practical or condoned by ANYONE...EVER!!

 Weight loss and improved health comes from focused and intentional action toward a goal. The problem is....

We need to restructure our health goals. We should ask- 

Why is our goal to lose weight?
- More self-confidence
- The ability to engage in activities we can't do right now
- Sick and tired of being sick and tired
- (insert your reason to live healthy here)

Physical appearance, swimsuit season, and athletic ability will all fade away. Focus on the true reason for your desire to find fit and live a healthy life. The WHY behind the weight loss.

What is your WHY?

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