Why You Should Eat Raw Vegetables

Why is eating raw vegetables weird?

My eating habits are often....critiqued by the teacher's lounge lunch crew.

"You eat such weird things." A comment passed while I was eating raw green peppers.

"So, what have you got today?" Regarding my "re-thought" sandwich.

"I just don't understand how you can stand to eat like that?" Is apparently what both of us were thinking as I ate my mushrooms, carrots, and hummus; watching a co-worker eat cafeteria lunch with more plastic than produce on the tray.

I am not a raw foodist! I consume cooked produce...BUT I do believe raw fruits and vegetables are vital for a healthy diet. If that makes me weird. I'm okay with that and I hope you join me.

Why you should eat raw vegetables:

God already cooked them the perfect amount. Seriously though, fruits and vegetables never contain more vitamins and nutrients than when they are first picked. Raw produce is low in sugar, fat, and rich in nutrients.

Requires more energy. That's right. It requires more energy to eat and digest raw, uncooked produce than the soft, sauteed, saturated stuff. I forget what produces energy?? Oh, that's right, burning calories. I call this two birds with one stone, baby!

I need FAST FOOD. Riddle me this Batman. Which is faster opening the fridge and grabbing carrots, peppers, an apple, or blackberries to go...OR.... Pulling into the parking lot and waiting in line at the drive thru. Ordering your food. Paying at the first window. Sitting between windows for the guy in front who is apparently picking up food for a small country. AND finally you get to the window only to realize your pre-packaged yogurt parfait is not ready yet. BLAST! Next time, just grab some produce and go.

Reduce the risk of disease. Raw vegetables are lower in cholesterol than cooked vegetables. The added butter, oils, cheese, and/or salt add unnecessary calories, but also raise the cholesterol level in that food. 

Raw, natural produce is often linked to more stable and healthier glucose levels because of the lack of added sugars.

A review of 50 research studies showed that raw vegetables aided in reducing the risk of multiple cancers. 

Activate your personal Activia. Raw or cooked, your digestive tract is "activated" by produce. Vegetables and fruits are chalked full of fiber. Stay regular by adding produce to your diet regularly. Twitter agrees:

@sarahstanley: MT @rawfoodbliss .....Constipation is a very real problem with the Standard American Diet (SAD)

It's hip to be square. Today, it is SO much cooler to be weird than "normal". Join me, be weird, counter-cultural even. Eat produce raw. 

Any vegetables are better than none; however, I challenge you to add raw vegetables to your diet. They are quick, easy, and if people think your weird you are probably doing something right.

What hesitations do you have with raw? 
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