5 Takeaways From The First Finding Fit Class

Launching the first Finding Fit class left me learning as much, if not more, than I shared..

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We Mm-hmm-ed and laughed. Shared and discussed. Planned and prepared. Everything I had hoped for and more. The "aha" moments shown as bright as their excitement for a healthier life.

My 5 takeaways from watching them watch me.

1. Hungry for health. 66% of Americans are overweight and obese. 2 out of 3. The need is there. Is the desire? Yes. The weight loss industry rakes in $61 billion a year! Last week I witnessed a hunger for help. A desire for change. A hope for a happier, healthier life.

2. Sharing is caring. I envisioned speaking the entire time and hoping for some interaction at the end. Dead wrong. The group shared stories of failure and defeat. They encouraged others. Diet and exercise efforts are 50% more likely to succeed if we have others encouraging and motivating us. Share what you know to help someone else grow.

3. Planning is powerful. The 1st Foundation of Fitness is: Move 30 minutes EVERY day. The entire group planned their first week of exercise. Walking, workout DVD's, and trampolines made the list of activities people are engaging in to stay active. 

Things to keep in mind when planning:
  • What are you going to do?
  • When are you going to do it? (start and end time)
  • Where is it going to happen?
Specificity leads to success.

4. Eliminate barriers and excuses. Re-frame the game. Look at your day through the lens of when I can, instead of when I can't. All of our schedules are different. What works for me, will not work for you. Examine if the barrier is an obstacle or an excuse. Obstacles must be worked around (work schedule) while excuses need to be wiped out (T.V. time).

5. Start where you are. 11 people and not 1 was the same. Walkers to workout-ers everyone started. They began with what they could accomplish.

"The simplest action is more valuable than the greatest intention."

Start moving. Keep moving. Find fit each and every day.

What are exercise/activity are you doing today?

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