What To Do If You Must Eat Fast Food

What to do when the options are.... starvation or fast food?

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No denying fast food is not healthy. So what do you do? 

Turn into a grumpy, starving Snickers scarfing Joe Pesci or eating some fast food?

Eat fast food.

Food is a basic necessity of life. If the choice is starvation or poor nutrition and processed food; take the latter. 

Reminder: Starvation is NOT "I can't wait 30 minutes until I get home for a snack or dinner." 

If you must eat fast food, here's what to do.

Emergencies only. Don't call 9-1-1 for directions. Don't eat fast food unless you must. A majority of 'emergencies' can be prevented with proper planning. 
  • Pack snacks for road trips and airport travel
  • Keep something in the car
  • Eat before you go
Emergency means it is a last resort, not the first response.

Simplify. Big order = big bad health. I don't mean ordering seven things because you have a car full of six kids and a dog. I mean a double patty plus large fries and a bucket for soda. When 'fast fooding' remember less is more.
  • Order items instead of meals
  • Grilled beats fried and breaded any day
  • Seek out items you can name and count all the ingredients
Skip. "Skipping actually burns more calories than jogging alone." Just ask Phil Dunphy from 'Modern Family'. Not what I meant though. Skip the extras and additions.
  • Minus cheese and sauce, please (Don't worry they're both fake anyways.)
  • Dressing on the side or not at all
  • Skip the soda and replace with water
Stop-gap. Remember it doesn't have to be the meal to end all meals. It can be a small- hold me over- snack until something better comes along.
  • Grab produce from a grocery store instead of snack from a gas station
  • Find small, fresh options to tackle hunger
Food emergencies are bound to happen. The best advice is to have a plan for when they do and to avoid frequenting fast food restaurants frequently.

What healthier fast food options have you discovered?

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