Have You Ever Seen An Overweight Juggler? Here's Why Not

It's nearly impossible to lose weight if you never learned to juggle.

Here is the secret why losing weight, New Year's resolutions, and most other ambitions fail.

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We start juggling EVERYTHING at once!

Jugglers quickly discover if they start juggling more than one ball they end up all over the floor. The same holds true for losing weight.

Beginning a new exercise plan, new food, new clothes, and a new routine is a recipe for disaster. Before long all the balls are dropped and we're back where we started.

Or worse. 

Failing fast and falling hard makes us believe juggling is impossible. We believe we will NEVER learn to juggle or NEVER lose weight.

The secret to juggling is beginning with one ball.

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Jugglers practice repeatedly with one ball until they can juggle one ball without thinking about it.

The same is true when tackling weight loss. One focus at a time. (I recommend exercise- studies show you are 50% more likely to succeed.) We must incorporate exercise and activity into our life EVERY day. Practice until it is easily repeatable. Until it is a habit. 

Then we're ready to juggle a second ball.

Adding in a second task requires the same, if not more, focus and intensity then when we first started.

Now there are two tasks to juggle. Exercise and counting calories.

Juggling, like a healthy life, never requires zero-focus or zero-effort. It always will. 

The great news is, like juggling, it gets easier through repeated practice.

Steps to Successfully Juggling Weight Loss-

1. Move 30 minutes EVERY day
  • Be active at least 30 minutes every day
  • Of the 210 minutes of activity a week 75 minutes need to be moderate to vigorous exercise
2. Count your calories
  • Calculate your BMR and find out how much you need to eat a day
  • To lose weight create a calorie deficit (Eat less than your body needs up to a 500 calorie greater)
  • Maintain weight by balancing calories in (food) and calories out (exercise/activity)
3. Minimize the manufactured food and eat real, fresh, natural foods
  • Purge the processed food from the pantry
  • Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Avoid foods that have more then 5 ingredients or have words you cannot read

Only progress from 1 to 2 to 3 when the previous step is repeatable and routine.

Check out my video "What We Can Learn From Jugglers About Losing Weight"

Here's my attempt to impress Meg with my juggling 'skillz'

Find fit by juggling one habit at a time and incorporating the next step when you're successful. 

Health happens one habit at a time.

Did you start with one or jump straight to juggling everything? Which worked better for you?

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