The Positive Power of Pedaling [Infographic]

What is one thing you could do TODAY to change your health?

Be more physically active.

Many of you may not know my Finding Fit journey started on a bike.

Biking is a great way to incorporate more physical activity into your life. You can bike to get around town. Commute to work. Visit the grocery store. Biking is also a great way to get the whole family moving together.

Cycling is even a quick in to the ever expanding hipster culture sweeping across America. Skinny jeans and single speed bikes. I got the first this summer...halfway there.

Benefits of biking for exercise include:

  • Burning approximately 300 calories/ hour
  • Improving cardiovascular stamina
  • Increasing muscle and strength in your legs
  • Being a low impact form of exercise
Whether it is on the street, the trail, or in a spin class hop on and enjoy the positive power of pedaling. Check out this infographic about the power of pedaling in America.

An infographic by the team at Online Masters In Public Health

Bike. Trike. Board. Whatever your pleasure. Find an exercise you enjoy and stay physically active at least 30 minutes EVERY day!

What is your preferred exercise/activity for daily physical activity? Leave a comment below.

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