3 Reasons Why Eating Snacks Will Save Your Marriage

Do you ever get mid-afternoon hunger pains?

Are you ever so hungry you get angry?

Thank you Snickers for putting a face to that feeling! (Please don't think I am saying eat a Snickers. I'm not!)

My wife and I affectionately refer to this feeling as 'Hangry'.

Hangry: hunger induced anger
"I'm so hangry I could eat my pinky and yell about my indecision of what to have for dinner." 
My hangry-ness typically sets in about 6:00pm. Meghan is walking in the door, hangry herself, with a little traffic induced anger thrown in as well. (We do live in Houston.)

The next thirty minutes are rough. Both stomachs are running on empty. We're snarky, sarcastic, and desperate for someone to make a decision about dinner.

The whole process is avoided when either or both of us enjoy an afternoon snack.

Here's why snacking will save your marriage.

1. Snacks sustain energy and improve mood. Blood sugar is like a roller coaster. When we eat our blood sugar goes up. We enjoy the climb and the ride down 'Blood Sugar Mountain', but if we don't eat again we bottom out. No rolling hills to perpetuate the ride. Snacking in between meals helps sustain blood sugar levels for a hangry-free ride until the next meal. When we feel good and have energy we're much more engaged in conversation. More willing 'to-do' the honey-do. More thoughtful of our spouse's needs instead of just our need to feed.

2. Snacks serve as 'spouse time'. Picture a table of raw vegetables and hummus; a complete 180 from the hangry episode above. Instead of fighting about food we sit and enjoy food. A pre-dinner veggie and hummus snack is quickly becoming a staple for us. Snacking with your spouse provides sit down time to discuss. The day. The kids. The plan for the evening. The best video you've seen on YouTube. Whatever. Meg and I's time talking over snacks or on a walk is some of our most treasured time of the day.

3. Snacks provide nourishment. Snacks are an excellent way to add nutrients to your diet. Nuts. Vegetables. Greek yogurt with fruit. Nutrient dense diets help us function physically and mentally at our best. Sharing an activity with our spouse provides nourishment as well. Snacking, walking, working out together, or the weekend project provides something to do together. A way to grow and nourish our relationships.

Subdue the snarky, sarcastic hangry husband or wife with a snack and save your marriage.

Need healthy snack ideas? I'll be posting healthy snack recipes all week during the 'Hangry Hour' (4:30pm CST) on the Jon Kidwell | Finding Fit page on Facebook. Hope to see you there!

Do you have a snack or 'hangry' story to share? We would love to hear it. Leave a comment in the comment section below.

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